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In June of 2022 Lyssy & Eckel acquired AC Nutrition’s feed mill in Roswell, New Mexico. This feed mill has serviced the farmers and ranchers of New Mexico for many decades. 

Based in Poth, Texas, Lyssy & Eckel is a family owned business that has been manufacturing livestock and wildlife feeds for 77 years. Lyssy & Eckel continues to be managed on a daily basis by second and third generation members of the Lyssy & Eckel families. 

We are committed to building strong relationships with each of you and will work diligently to provide feeds that enhance the performance of your livestock. Formulated by some of the best nutritionalists in the livestock industry, all Lyssy & Eckel feeds are designed to improve the performance of your livestock. 

There will be some exciting new products and services for New Mexico ranchers and horse owners. Our vision is for Lyssy & Eckel, Roswell to be a one-stop provider for New Mexico ranchers. We will offer a complete line of animal health products, fencing, and ranching supplies at the mill store. 

Lyssy & Eckel will also be establishing a new alfalfa forage based feed business. Pecos Valley Alfalfa (PVA) will be sourcing locally grown alfalfa hay to produce alfalfa based horse feeds, alfalfa pellets, and fortified alfalfa pellets. 

We are excited about this new chapter in our business and look forward to meeting all of you!

905 White Mill Rd • Rosewell, NM 88203 • Phone: 575-244-9550

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