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At Lyssy & Eckel, we feel customer service and satisfaction is paramount to our success in the feed industry. Whether you want one bag of feed or 1,000 tons, your satisfaction in regards to price, quality and customer service is our primary goal.

Protein Feeder Deliveries

As a service to our deer protein customers, we now offer a protein feeder service out of our George West, Hondo, and Llano stores. We will fill your feeders using a Heavybilt Blower System. This system is air driven and requires no augers or conveyors to prevent damaging pellets! No longer do you need to unload bags of feed into your storage shed just to reload, move, and lift them again in the process of filling your protein feeders. So take the backbreaking work out of protein feeding, enjoy your ranch or lease, and let Lyssy & Eckel give you your time back by filling your feeders for you.

Bulk Deliveries

When delivering, our goal at Lyssy & Eckel is to minimize the fines generated while unloading feed. Therefore, all bulk deer pellets and cattle cubes manufactured by Lyssy & Eckel are delivered on paddlewagon trailers. Paddlewagon trailers utilize paddle conveyors to lift pellets and cubes into an overhead bin rather than “Pellet Grinding” augers. Lyssy & Eckel paddlewagons are the only trailers in the industry that collect fines TWICE during the unloading process. When you receive bulk pellets or cubes from Lyssy & Eckel, you can be assured fines will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Custom Deliveries

Custom deliveries are available to your farm or ranch with a minimum 6 ton order.

Deer Blind Deliveries

Lyssy & Eckel is a distributor for two of the hunting industries premier deer blinds. Atascosa Wildlife Supply and MB Ranch King blinds are legendary for innovative design and comfort. If you are looking for a lifetime blind we have the one for you! Delivery and set up for tower blinds up to 16 feet is available. We want your hunting experience to be safe and enjoyable!

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