Where We Are

In the history of agriculture, the need to maximize forage production through healthy, nutrient balanced soils has never been more important. The rapid expansion of the corn ethanol industry and the development of cellulosic ethanol has increased the value of all forages. Lyssy & Eckel has provided soil services for the forage producer since 1945. We are uniquely qualified to provide the technical expertise and services required to help you meet the increased demand for forages in this new age of agriculture.

What We Do

We begin with a soil sample to determine what is required to balance the nutrient makeup of the soil. A detailed soil analysis report is then utilized to plan a comprehensive soil building program. Custom blended fertilizers, chelated trace minerals, soil stimulants, soil amendments and weed control are services we provide to enhance forage production. Our applicator trucks are capable of spreading dry fertilizers and combination of dry and liquid weed killer to be the most economical and effective means of stimulating forage growth.