Equine Feed

Lyssy & Eckel Stamina Feeds are formulated to meet the unique demands of Texas soils and the forages available to our horses. These feeds are packed with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading research. We currently have 2 quality feeds:

• Stamina – pelleted
• Stamina OMEGA – textured

All of our feeds are formulated the following technologies:
• Chelated trace minerals from Zinpro
• Organic Selenium
• Vitamin E
• Amino Acids
• Lyssy & Eckel EDGE™ prebiotics and probiotics

What does this mean for your horse? Trace minerals play an important role in numerous functions that affect the overall health and well-being of your horse. Chelation is a technology that increases the ability of your to absorb these minerals to be used for bodily functions. Organic Selenium is more readily absorbed and available than inorganic selenium and positively affects the horse’s health by boosting immune and reproductive function, as well as thyroid and muscle function. Vitamin E is an important fat soluble vitamin that is not produced by the horse’s body. This vitamin must be obtained through external sources and is an antioxidant helping with muscle recovery and immune function. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, making amino acids the building blocks of bones, muscles and body’s soft tissues for growth and repair. They have to be obtained through forage, grain or supplements. Lyssy & Eckel’s EDGE™ is a proprietary blend of pre and probiotics which has been uniquely formulated to keep your horse’s gut healthy. A healthy gut leads to better performance and a much healthier horse.

Lyssy & Eckel Feeds are proud to serve Texas horse owners, we only use high quality ingredients and do not least cost formulate giving a consistent product every time. Through our partnership with leading equine nutritionists, Performance Horse Nutrition LLC and superior manufacturing, Lyssy & Eckel is able to provide the best quality horse feeds in Texas.

Launching soon is our new premium line of equine feeds available this fall – Stamina PRO. This line takes the latest research and technology to the next level and will lead the way in performance feeds in Texas. Stamina PRO will consist of 100% Organic Selenium, 100% Organic Chelated trace minerals and 100% Natural Vitamin E along with our scientifically formulated Lyssy & Eckel EDGE™.

Be sure to view the results of feeding Stamina Equine Feed in our Before and After photos below.



HORSEFEEDStamina Omega 10/4
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HORSEFEEDStamina Omega 12/4
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HORSEFEEDStamina Omega 14/6
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SouthTexas12_4South Texas 12/4
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Stamina14_6_3_8Stamina 14/6 – 3/8”
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Stamina12_6_SeniorStamina 14/6 Senior
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Stamina 14/8 EX
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Sweet Crimped OatsSweet Crimped Oats
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Alfalfa PelletsAlfalfa Pellets
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Alfalfa Pellets 3/8Alfalfa Pellets 3/8ths
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Stamina 12-4-tubStamina 12-4 Tub
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Stamina Equine Feed Results

Baker – 60 day Results

Day 1

Day 60